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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Post Family Tree

Posts here certainly have been random. I will try to be better about that this year. The truth is, I haven't had the heart to go through much of dad's things. I'm not likely to feel any differently this year, but the job must be done.

Today I spent an hour going through a random box of papers. The box was in the way and, rather than just relocate it, I decided to deal with it.

I found a wealth of interesting things to share. Beginning with this Post family tree. I don't know who created it, or when but it was sometime after 1992 and before 1999.

It is pictured just as I found it. (You can find document links at the end of the post)

I thought I would include some pictures of the grand lady herself, my grandmother, Lillian Buchanan Post {1903-1999}

This picture was taken at her 80th birthday celebration in 1983.

Here she is with five of her seven children, around the same time frame:

From left to right: Leslie L Post {1930-2015}, Syliva Doiron, Doris {DJ} VanPelt, Wayne "Hap" Post {1934-2013}, Lillian Shoemaker {1943-2002}. Front Center: Lillian Buchanan Post {1903-1999}

And with several of her grandchildren:

From left to right: Wendy {Post} English, Sandy {Kelly} Huntley, Pieter Post, Tara {Shoemaker} Evans, Tracy {Shoemaker} Ison. Front center: Lillian Buchanan Post {1903-1999}

As always, if anyone is interested in any of my dad's research, please contact me using the form at right.


Post Family Tree can be viewed here:
Top of Tree
Base of Tree

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